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It is well-established that good nutrition promotes good health, while nutritional deficiencies can lead to many chronic diseases.

This is why Elm Plaza Pharmacy has partnered with Ortho Molecular to provide Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements.

Ortho Molecular products are made with superior raw ingredients. Purity and strength of Ortho Molecular products is ensured by their state-0f-the-art testing.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 6 tips to help your immune system:

  1. Eat Well
  2. Be Physically Active
  3. Maintain a Healthy Weight
  4. Get Enough Sleep and Reduce Stress
  5. Quit Smoking
  6. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

OrthoMune® provides ALL-IN-ONE immune system support. OrthoMune® contains Quercetin, Vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Zinc and Vitamin D3 which are all important ingredients to support your body's immune function. OrthoMune® is taken 2 capsules once daily to provide effective immune support for less than $1 per day.